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Oceanic Arts

Posted in Oceanic Arts with tags , , on October 25, 2011 by Trader Vince

Swabbie Chadd had wanted to go to Oceanic Arts in Whittier, CA for years, and this week we finally made his special dream come true. But never being fully content on a Tropical Adventure that doesn’t involve cocktails, I, Trader Vince, took a page from Steve Jobs and suggested One More Thing: we also hit up Bahooka, which is only 20 minutes away in Rosemead, CA. Without hesitation, Swabbie Chadd agreed.

Oceanic Arts has been the world’s leading supplier of tropical and polynesian decor since 1956. From their giant warehouse, they sell and rent everything from wooden tikis and signs, to shields and masks, to light fixtures and thatch umbrellas, to cocktails glasses and tiki mugs. If you see any of these items in restaurants, hotels, movies, or home bars, there’s a high probability Oceanic Arts was somehow involved.

Lastly, the folks who run it are incredibly helpful and love what they do. Tell them it’s your first time and you might just walk away with a parting gift: in our case, handy little notepads and tiki stir sticks.

For the second half of this Tropical Adventure, see my Bahooka entry.

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